Little lines/ Why do I like grey?

I went for a great run this morning in the Whittier hills. I went up some steep stuff, and got really tired and sweaty, and it felt really good. Sunday afternoon, I spent a long time on the internet trying to get a sub job but to no avail. Usually they come on my phone, but it was drying out. So I was feeling kind of depressed, like I'd wasted a whole day. It was great to get out this morning and go for a long time in semi-nature. And there was no one else there! Except a guy who was sleeping in his car in the parking lot, a guy that I thought was dead.

After running I climbed back up one of the hills with my portable easel (thanks to Cindy) and painted this painting.

Its not all that great. I definitely can't paint little lines for some reason. All of my paintings seem to have the same grey background. I think grey (yes, with and "e") might be my favorite color. Since I was little, I've liked grey days. One of my favorite G.I. Joe's was this guy wearing a grey camouflage snow-suit thing.  For a while, I had a super-hero persona named Grey-Man. I don't know what his powers were, but he wore all grey.