Perfect Timing

I watched the inauguration this morning. I turned down a couple of substitute teaching jobs so I could. It was fun. And it turned out to be perfect, because I got another call right after it was over, and went in to sub starting at 10:30, but getting paid for the whole day. It was perfect timing.

Or maybe it wasn't. Almost the second I walked into the classroom, a voice came over the intercom simply saying "Attention faculty and students, we are entering a code red lockdown. Students on the playground, please go to the cafeteria." Fortunately, almost all of my 20 kindergarten and first graders were already inside.

We stayed inside for 4 hours. We weren't allowed to go outside for anything; not lunch, not recess, not even, sadly, to go to the bathroom. Fortunately, I only had one little boy poop his pants. Unfortunately, bladders are harder to control, and about 7 of the kids ended up having to go number one in  a trash can.

Everyone seemed to have a pretty good time though, and to be honest, it was one of my better days subbing. I had an aide that was a lot of help, and the kids were quite good for being locked in a room for 4 hours without a hint of sunshine, and no lunch until the end. I think I'm actually thankful for the whole thing. Especially that I hadn't drunken a lot of water earlier.


Karen said...

UNFORTUNATELY because the sub hadn't "drunken" enough water before, he got dehydrated and died!

Sounds like quite an historic day for you.

Jill said...

FORTUNATELY all of the pee in the trash was able to rehydrate the unlucky sub.

Randall said...

UNFORTUNATELY that's disgusting Jill.

Karen said...

FORTUNATELY Jill sees beyond disgusting to survival.