Feeling thankful just in time for Thanksgiving

I went for a walk this morning, and was thinking about some things that are going on in my life right now, and started to feel pretty thankful. My parents had just called to tell me that they’d bought me plane tickets to fly home for Thanksgiving, so that probably kick started things off. I actually didn’t even realize that it is the Thanksgiving season, until I’d thought through a few specific things that I am very thankful for right now. When I realized “Hey! This is Thanksgiving after all.” I thought, I might as well share some of those things on this blog. These are not in order.

1. Great room mates. I’m not just saying that. I really live with some great guys. I love how we get along, and often do things together and are actually friends. When one of us walks in the door, we great each other, or say something funny, and often get involved in what everyone else is doing. We like eating together, going places together, having parties at our apartment, and even very rarely cleaning together! And joking and laughing. That happens a lot. So thanks Micah, Cory and Robert. You guys are ALL the best.

2. My church. Getting involved there has been one of the best things I’ve done, and one of the reasons I’m still in southern California. I really feel like I’m a part of the body there, and that people care about what is going on with me. We’re trying to figure out what God intends for us here in La Mirada. We don’t quite know yet, but there are a lot of people that do want to serve the Lord through and outside of our church, and I think that is great. And we like spending time together. My community group, men’s accountability group, and New Commandment Men’s Ministry are all very fun and encouraging. I think almost every Tuesday I come back from meeting with the guys feeling encouraged and refreshed, and having enjoyed my time immensely. Through all of the things there, the great worship, the great community, and our attempting a great mission, I have grown a lot closer to God, and become more excited about Him. Really, I think I’m not just saying that.

3. My Family. I’ve always felt very thankful for them. I know most people don’t have it nearly as good as I do in this respect. Having a family that loves each other is one of the best joys in life I think. We always look forward to seeing each other, and talk on the phone quite a bit. I have some of my best laughs with my family. If I had to pick people to be on a deserted island with, they would be in the very top spots. Along with survival experts. I’m quite excited to see them this Thanksgiving and Christmas. One cool thing is that I don’t mean just my immediate family, but also my extended family. Christmas and camping with them in the summer is always the most relaxing, fun, exciting and often meaningful time of the year for me. Not to say that my time in southern California isn’t any of those things, see the above for notes on that. I know my family loves me very much, and that makes life very good.

4. My other friends. I’ve got some good friends. They know who they are. In particular, I’m recently thankful for my friend Greg coming down to surprise me at our reading night this week. That was pretty cool. I’ve got a lot of people that enjoy doing stuff or just hanging out, and are also good for conversation and encouragement.

5. My job. I like it a lot. Its fun to work with people, and do something that I believe is helping people. I never dread going there. I get to have some fun interactions, and some difficult ones that are usually good in the end. My co-workers are pretty nice, fun to talk to, and so are the residents. I feel like I’m getting to know them a bit more, and trying to ask them more questions about themselves. I really feel that God led me to this job, and for that I’m thankful. Its nice to know you’re doing what He intends you to do (I think.)

6. God. Speaking of Him, I’ve felt blessed by Him a lot recently, especially in the above areas. I also think He’s been leading me personally and letting me come closer to him, though I’m not nearly as close as I would like.

7. There’s a lot more. I think I’ve been really blessed in almost every area of my life. I’m very thankful.

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