I don't think too much

I have something to confess. My brain is sometimes in stupid mode. Pretty often actually. Its not very disciplined. Its like a dog that you didn't train when it was young, so it runs all over the place with its tongue hanging out while you're trying to call it. Or just laying there in the sun outside when you're trying to take it for a walk.

I'm going to get a buzz when I go home for Thanksgiving. I think about my hair way to much. Thats about the stupidest thing to think about. It makes me a little bit sick to think about how much I think about it. I feel successful if I think my hair looks good, and I feel stupid if it doesn't. So I'm going to cut it off again because when its so short, you don't have to worry at all, because there's nothing to change.

I'm Mr. Nostalgic though, and thats going to be a little hard for me. Welcome to my crazy mind, but I often think things like "Oh, I had this hair when such and such happened." I guess I didn't need the word "but" in that sentence. I do the same with clothes. Even washing them. Sometimes after being home, I put off washing clothes for a long time, because I think "Oh, the last time I washed these pants was at home" and I don't want to wash any of home off. So I don't want to cut my hair off, because it has some good memories in it, but I think I've got to. Its part of moving on too. Huhhmmmm.

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Jill said...

Oh Randy, I've always wondered what went on in your brain. I love you.