The sharper sword is sharper than the pen

This is my third time re-writing this blog. I like starting and finishing things more than I like the middle.

I wrote about substitute teaching the first two times. I'll summarize: thats going well, but probably due more to teachers leaving good lessons, and having well-behaved kids than to my prowess as a pedagog.

Now I'd like to write about something else, but I'm not sure what.

Actually, while writing the above sentence, I was thinking "I'm going to write about fantasy," but I kept writing it anyway. I was even thinking about writing these two sentences.

I started reading fantasy books when I was little. Actually, it was probably my parents reading them to me first; Narnia and Anthropos, and the Magic Bicycle series. Although the bicycle one isn't really fantasy is it.

I started reading on my own, and for having always prided myself on being a reader, I think most of my life I've been a bit behind. I didn't read Redwall until Jr. High, and the Lord of the Rings until well into High School. As a sophomore in college I started Harry Potter.

Other than the Wheel of Time series, and shorter things like The Once and Future King, thats about all the fantasy I've read actually. Its weird, because I like the genre a lot. I don't know what it is, the magic, and running around in the woods, and swords or weapons made out of sticks and rocks. I guess similarly to a lot of other people, I just like escaping into it, or the excitement, or something. I've even tried to write my own a couple of times, but it never works. I get a couple of chapters in, and thats it.

Well, all that to say, I want some new fantasy book to read. Preferably a series that I could start. Maybe its a waste of my time, but I think its better than watching TV or hanging around on the internet. Maybe not better than blogging though.

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Robert said...

1. Magic Bicycle is most parableish than fantasy, but it can still count.

2. I brought back a perfectly good fantasy series: The Empyrion series and it's super interesting and talks about science a lot so I think you would like it I think.