I really like Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. Its really funny and exciting and pirates are pretty cool.

Something that I've been thinking about in the last few years, is why I like or do not like things based on the masses. I really liked the movie when it first came out, and so did just about everybody else. Then they came out with the other two movies, which weren't as good, but were really popular and made a lot of money. I don't think I mind that, but there's something in me that wants to be original and like things that aren't popular, and dislike things that are. Pirates of the Caribbean makes me swing all over those feelings.

I like the first movie a lot. But everyone else did too, so then I wasn't as big of a fan. Then the other two movies came out, and those were really big in the box office, so, even though I think there were parts of them I did like, I mostly said they weren' very good. But it quickly became popular to not like them, and that sort of makes me want to.

So I feel very mixed. I do like the first one a lot. I think it is genuinely a great movie. Most people tend to roll their eyes at it though, and part of me then thinks I shouldn't like it. But I do. I also like parts of the other two, just not as much.

I may still be operating under my popularity/uniqueness principal. It is really hard to tell sometimes. But I at least think that I like Curse of the Black Pearl for genuine reasons.

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