Already written in fate

Actually, this is already written in facebook in the Sprunger Cousins group, but I thought I'd put it here to, just in case.

It is very too bad we don't have more options. I watched the debate last night, and frankly, I feel like either way I vote will be trying to get the lesser of two evils. Not that they're entirely evil.

A while back I was solidly going to vote for McCain because of the abortion thing, and I also liked his stance on immigration (he's for making it easier.) I thought he had good character. But then I read more about him and I'm not too sure about that. He got a divorce from his first wife because he was sleeping around with his second wife. Some of his interviews make him seem like a real big jerk. Like this one (albeit it comes from a liberalish magazine.) Click here for the article! I just figured out how to make a link!

I definitely don't like Obama's stance on abortion however, and I'm not sure he has enough experience. But he certainly has more than Sarah Palin, who would be president if John McCain died in office. I'm actually not a fan of Palin in general as a V.P.
As far as the economy goes, I don't know enough to know which candidate's ideas are better. But McCain's seem closer to what we've got right now, and that seems to encourage greed with the higher ups.

All that to say, if I had to vote right now, I think I'd go Obama. I never thought I'd say that, but right now it seems like the right thing to do. Even though its left.


Karen said...

After watching the debate last night, here's my sum up of what the candidates have to say for themselves:

Obama: "Blah blah blah change..."
McCain: "Blah blah blah experience..."

"Change is not a destination just like hope is not a platform"
-Rudy Giuliani

I think experience is valid, but is not solely a qualifier for the presidency.

I think Palin's experience is comparable to Obama's, if not superior to. I think she is a very intelligent woman who would make a fine Vice President.

I lean toward agreeing with McCain on economy healthcare, immigration (although I can't say I know enough from either candidate to say definitively one way or the other) and definitely on the moral issues such as abortion and same sex marriages. I'd like to know more about their foreign policy ideas as well.

Ultimately though, the moral issues (abortion, same sex marriage) will trump other issues as far as who gets my vote -- so it is McCain/Palin for me. Yes, they're that important.

Also, not like this has any bearing on which way my vote would go, but Obama just kind of scares me.

Jill said...

I'm proud of you. Way to think about things objectively. I totally agree with you as well. I'd rather not vote for either, but Obama's my current choice. And here's why: his foreign policy, health care, tax situation, and education plans are much more in line with my thinking than McCain's are. And the two issues (abortion and gay marriage) that I agree with McCain on I feel aren't going to be acted upon whether or not our president stands the way that I do on them. Did that sentence make sense? What I'm saying is: our current president is anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage, but look what has happened in those two issues in the last 8 years. Abortion laws and the way people think about them have not changed in the least, and gay marriage has actually gone forward in several states. His economic policy, health care ideas, foreign policy, etc. have been affected by leaps and bounds. That's why I weigh those latter issues as more important than the former ones when I consider my vote for the next president.
Sorry if I'm wordy, work stimulates my brain.