Trimming Nails and Surviving

There's two different kind of trimming nails. The first are the kind that you use to tack down the trimming around the top and bottom of cupboards in your house. These are usually short with very small heads that can be hidden easily with a little putty or paint. The second kind is when you cut your finger-nails. I know the english in this post is a little bit messed up, but thats alright.
Would you rather touch someone else's feet, or have them touch yours?

I'm starting to plan for the U.S. going down the drain. I'm going to somehow bike out of Southern California, and probably end up in Northern California with my parents, or bring them with me to Oregon to Jill and Andy's. There we can steal from all the orchards that are around, or maybe get jobs working in one of them in exchange for food. 
Oregon has a lot more potential for growing things than where I live in southern California. It definitely grows more food per capita than down here. Thats what I'm counting on to survive. It might be good for us all if we don't have electricity for at least a few years.


Jill said...

I liked how we had a whole long conversation about that the other day on the phone. And those trimming nails are usually shot into the trim with a nail gun. Those things scare me. I need to trim Jeffrey's nails.

Cory said...

hey I thought biking up north was my idea

Randall said...

Didn't say it wasn't. I just didn't say it was. Who knows?