An interview with dinosaurs

I'm growing some plants in my "back yard." Right now I've got bamboo, an avacado tree, and some morning glories. Is that how you spell any of those words? They're all dificult.

The bamboo I've been growing for over a year. I dug it out of the ground where it was growing under a neighbor's fence. It took a while to get started, but now its starting to grow almost quickly. Not quite. I'm really into bamboo though.

The avacado tree is really fun. I got the idea from my grandma. I bought an avocado, and then suspended the seed in a cup of water using toothpicks stuck in it. After a few weeks it sprouted roots and then a stem out the top. Now its about a foot hight outside in a pot, with 5 big leaves.

The morning glories I got from Kristin as seeds. They grew as a vine, and wound their way around my bamboo plants to climb up to the sun. The flowers only open once each, but they're really really pretty.


Karen said...

Oh Randy. I love you and I'm excited for you to come visit too. I'll call you soon so we can work out the details. And I like the way your blog looks. I don't think it's too dark. It's just the right amount of dark for cool.

Jeffery said...

I read your blog too Randall.

"I feel your pain."
-President Bill Clinton

Jill said...

It's not too dark, I like it. And I love you. I honestly thought that was Jeffrey the dog for just a second until I saw the picture. And those things are fine to talk about in a blog. Someday you'll find someone who you just click with and it will be magic.

Karen said...

When did you change the content of this blog post? I didn't know you had an avocado tree. That's sweet. Seeing what you planted a while ago actually grow must be a very satisfying feeling. I tend to kill things.